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A disturbing, thought-provoking article by Polly Toynbee in the Guardian of 20 February 2023:

Parliamentary debate on the Seven Principles of Public Life, 7 September 2022: here

Quaker briefing for Parliamentary debate: here

British voters want lying politicians to face consequences – new study Article by Alan Renwick, Professor of Democratic Politics, UCL, published 7 April 2022 here

An article in Prospect asking where is the calm, rational debate about the future of public service broadcasting, with some outstanding contributors, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Alan Rusbridger and Ruth Davidson: here

An interesting article on integrity in public life from the University of Birmingham, dated Feb 2022: here


Woodbrooke course

Truth, Misinformation and War  4 November 2022 – 12 December 2022

The course looks at how "hybrid warfare" extends into civil society through narratives that perpetuate conscious falsehoods and distortions, as well as how this phenomenon underlines the vital importance of our testimonies of Peace and Truth.

Link: here


Institute for Government - February 2022 proceedings

Director's analysis of the issues facing good governance + discussion: here

Transcript of speech: here

John Major's speech

Transcript: here

Response to above by Jill Rutter: here

On 10 May the Institute for Government and the Bennett Institute for Public Policy hosted a panel of constitutional experts. The fascinating discussion may be found: here

As part of the discussion, Professor Russell cites a survey conducted by the Constitution Unit at UCL

What Kind of Democracy to be People Want?  here

John Lampen calls for a reinvigoration of the Testimony to Truth in the Friend, 26 September 2019: here

The Coming Storm is an 8 part podcast on BBC Sounds. The episodes of over 30 minutes each are of great relevance in terms of truth and integrity, covering essential themes such as obfuscation by politicians, the weaponization of social media and the creation of alternative realities. It may be accessed here

Oliver Bullough - Butler to the World, published 10 March 2022

This highly readable book details the history, extent and complexity of this system in Britain and its territories – how since 1956 our financial and legal systems have been designed to cultivate high wealth individuals and allow them to secrete their wealth using a myriad of devices under the full protection of the law. With all the urbanity of a butler we have offered a polished veneer to the world, allowing the citizens of under-developed countries to be plundered and proceeds which should have built schools, hospitals, roads to be offered safe haven and respectability in the intricacies of a banking system designed to obscure, hide, muddy. A butler is not required to possess integrity, simply exhibit loyalty to his paymaster.

Guardian review:  Here

T. Edmund Harvey: a Quaker politician of conscience  

Here is a link to a website piece by Mark Frankel (Kingston & Wandsworth AM) on the Quaker politician of conscience T. Edmund Harvey.

QTIG presentation to Britain Yearly Meeting on 24 May 2022 by Gerald Hewitson and Peter Hussey Here

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Interview by Gerald Hewitson and Peter Hussey with Catherine West, MP, on 11 May 2022 here

Passcode: .S!.W1zx

The name to which Catherine was referring at 16:28 is Chris Bryant.